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LEGO Store Bali : Unique Retailtainment for All Ages

The LEGO Store, a newly inaugurated establishment, has quickly ascended to become a beloved destination for families, tourists, and locals in Bali.

Bali’s Beachwalk Shopping Centre in Kuta has recently enhanced its retail landscape with a delightful addition for shoppers of all ages.

The LEGO Store, a newly inaugurated establishment, has quickly ascended to become a beloved destination for families, tourists, and locals. This marks the sixth official LEGO presence in Indonesia. Ie Jung, the General Manager of LEGO in Indonesia, expressed the universal appeal of LEGO, noting that their products are designed for individuals starting from as young as 18 months to those well into adulthood.

The Kuta Beachwalk Mall’s latest addition goes beyond the conventional shopping experience. Coined as ‘Retailtainment,’ the LEGO Store offers an interactive environment where shopping intertwines with play and creativity. Tjung, elucidating the concept, mentioned that this new LEGO Concept Store aims to elevate the ‘Retailtainment’ experience for LEGO enthusiasts across Indonesia by introducing diverse and innovative ways to merge shopping with engaging play activities.

As Bali approaches its rainy season, coupled with the festive Christmas and New Year holidays, families vacationing on the island will be seeking indoor diversions. The LEGO Store emerges as an enchanting option, promising to captivate with features like the LEGO Pick and Build wall, an AR interactive kiosk, and the avant-garde Digibox. This digital innovation allows customers to visualize LEGO sets in 3D animations by simply scanning the box, enriching the in-store adventure. Tjung highlighted the store’s extensive collection, boasting the most comprehensive range of LEGO sets, including coveted exclusives.

The store is thoughtfully organized, with distinct sections for different themes such as LEGO City, Friends, DUPLO, among others, streamlining the process for both young and matured LEGO aficionados to pinpoint their desired sets.

The grand opening was graced by Indonesian soap actress Nana Mirdad, who shared her affection for these timeless toys. She reflected on the unique charm of LEGO, recognizing its entertainment value that transcends age groups. Nana Mirdad also pointed out LEGO’s significant role in fostering social and cognitive development in children, such as cooperation and communication skills that are honed through the collective effort of constructing intricate LEGO designs.

The LEGO Store’s inauguration is a highlight among numerous family-oriented attractions at Beachwalk Mall. Situated along the scenic Kuta Beach, the mall is a favored spot for locals and expatriates, especially during the evenings where the community comes together for basketball against the backdrop of a setting sun. The mall regularly hosts themed events and activities, with many tailored for children.

During Halloween, the mall transformed into a playful arena for children to engage in dress-up and trick-or-treat-inspired activities. For adults desiring a tranquil shopping experience, Beachwalk Mall provides a Kids Club on Level 2, offering complimentary childcare services from 10 am to 6 pm daily.

In anticipation of the upcoming holiday season and the need for indoor activities, families should not overlook the indoor theme park, Trans Studio Bali, nestled within Trans Mall Bali in Denpasar. This attraction is a must-visit with its 16 thematic zones, including an action zone, a cultural zone that offers interactive insights into Balinese culture, the Bali Sense Zone, and more.

Older children and teens have found the Ninja Warrior Obstacle course particularly thrilling, and the indoor go-kart track, extending over 200 meters, has been a hit with kids across various age groups.

The LEGO Store and the accompanying attractions at Beachwalk Mall in Kuta present a vibrant mix of shopping and entertainment, ensuring that visitors, regardless of age or interest, will find something to delight in.


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