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Community-led Spiritual Tourism Development in Aan Village, Bali

Aan Village in Bali is becoming a popular tourism destination due to the community-led initiatives to enhance the tourism experience.

Located in the heart of Klungkung Regency, Aan Village is investing significant funds in developing the area’s infrastructure to attract more tourists. Last year, the village community launched the Aan Village secret waterfall tourism experience, and now they are investing in spiritual tourism opportunities.

The community is investing IDR 165,267,000 (USD 8886) in infrastructural developments around the Pesiraman Temple, the heart of the village. The enhancements will redirect the holy water source, allowing for more activities such as melukat ceremonies. The laying of the first stone for the Tirta Pelukatan Pesiraman was inaugurated by the Klungkung Regent I Nyoman Suwirta. The project will be completed within the next four months.

Community-led tourism initiatives are becoming the focus point for tourism stakeholders in Bali. Aan Village is paving the way with its community-initiated approach to tourism, setting it apart from other popular tourism destinations such as Penglipuran Village. The Aan Secret Waterfall experience is a must-visit in Bali, attracting many visitors since its formal opening in August 2022. The community has been dedicated to maintaining the area’s cleanliness and investing in the necessary infrastructural improvements to ensure visitors have a positive experience.

The Indonesian Minster for Tourism and Creative Economies, Sandiaga Uno, emphasized that sustainable and spiritual tourism is the way to meet the 2023 tourism targets. The focus on two strengths, namely nature and culture, and tourists with a special interest in ecotourism, spiritual tourism, and religious tourism, can achieve these targets.

The community-led initiatives in Aan Village are ticking all the boxes for sustainable tourism development in Bali. Visitors can take part in a traditional Balinese water purification ceremony, also known as a melukat ritual, which is one of the most popular spiritual experiences for tourists in Bali. The most popular destination to experience a melukat ritual is the Tirta Empul Temple, close to Ubud, but there are dozens of temples throughout the island to undergo the cleansing process.

Aan Village’s strategic location, an hour from the heart of Ubud, makes it an ideal tourism destination. With the community’s dedication to maintaining the area’s cleanliness, investing in infrastructural improvements, and promoting sustainable and spiritual tourism, visitors can expect an authentic Balinese adventure. As more investment comes into the community, the Aan Secret Waterfall experience and other spiritual tourism opportunities in the village will continue to go from strength to strength.


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