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Bali Tourism Board advises do’s and don’ts for visitors to Bali

Are you familiar with the proper etiquette in Bali? Recent discussions about misbehaving foreigners or "bad bules" prompted officials to release social media content to clarify do's and don'ts. Indonesian officials are dedicated to providing resources for tourists to understand...

Traditional Balinese clothes

Are you interested in wearing traditional Balinese clothes? When you visit Bali, you often see Balinese wearing traditional clothes. This proves the strong cultural customs held by the Balinese people. Traditional clothing for women includes kebaya, kamen, and scarves. As...

Traditional Markets You Must Visit In Bali

When you visit Bali, the unique exotic Balinese atmosphere will greet you. Bali presents the beauty of nature, the uniqueness of their culture and traditions, and the commemoration of its citizens. Apart from pampering yourself at a hotel or...

Balinese Traditions : Canang Sari

Balinese Daily Offering : Canang Sari Have you ever been walking down a street in Bali, and saw an attractive little square woven basket made of banana leaves and filled with flowers? Or when you visit a temple and you...
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Kecak Dance at Uluwatu

Balinesse Traditional Dance - Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Evenings are dependably a great opportunity to visit Uluwatu, the southern tip of the island. Not exclusively to appreciate the beautiful sunset from the highest point of the cliff yet in addition...

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