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Bali Airport : A Sky-High Journey of Excellence in Customer Satisfaction and Innovation

Bali Airport, the bustling gateway to the Island of the Gods, has recently clinched the prestigious title of the best airport for customer satisfaction in 2023.

This recognition by the Indonesian National Air Carriers Association (INACA) underscores the tireless efforts of the management teams at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar.

Customer Satisfaction Triumph

Bali Airport‘s triumph in the customer satisfaction category is not a standalone achievement. The Operations Manager for PT Persero Angkasa Pura (AP I), the state-owned company overseeing Indonesia’s major airports, expressed elation at the consistent rise in customer satisfaction across the country’s airports.

Awards Galore

Indah Preastuty, Operations Manager for PT Persero Angkasa Pura (AP I), highlighted the significance of the award, stating, “The awards achieved by the three AP I airports are a form of appreciation from stakeholders, in this case, INACA, for service standards at the airport.” Bali Airport secured an impressive 4.93 out of 5 on the customer satisfaction index (CSI), emphasizing the airport’s commitment to meeting and exceeding passenger expectations.

Environmental Stewardship Recognition

In addition to its customer-centric accolades, Bali Airport received recognition at the ASEAN Energy Awards 2023. The airport bagged the title of Best Energy Management in Buildings and Industries, aligning with its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Auto-Gates Revolutionizing Passenger Experience

Bali Airport has not rested on its laurels; 2023 has witnessed several enhancements, with more in the pipeline. A notable development is the installation of 90 new auto-gates across the international departures and arrivals halls. This strategic move aims to streamline immigration processing times, particularly during peak passenger traffic.

Strategic Capacity Expansion

While these auto-gates won’t replace staffed immigration counters, they will significantly contribute to expediting passenger flows. The Head of Immigration at Ngurah Rai, Suhendra, assured passengers that the installation process, spanning approximately two months for the first stage, aims to minimize inconvenience.

Looking Ahead: Bali’s Tourism Targets

Bali’s remarkable success in surpassing tourism targets for 2023 reflects its commitment to continuously enhance the visitor experience. With 2024 looming, the airport is gearing up to accommodate even higher tourism goals set by both central and provincial governments.

Festive Season Preparations

As the holiday season approaches, Bali Airport’s General Manager, Handy Heryudhitiawan, assures passengers that measures are in place to ensure smooth operations during the installation of auto-gates. The airport remains dedicated to providing a seamless experience for travelers, despite ongoing improvements.

Bali Airport‘s recent accolades and ongoing enhancements underscore its commitment to excellence. From top-tier customer satisfaction to environmental stewardship and operational efficiency, the airport stands as a beacon of success in the aviation industry.


1. How did Bali Airport secure the best customer satisfaction award in 2023? Bali Airport’s commitment to service excellence and a remarkable CSI score of 4.93 out of 5 led to its victory in the customer satisfaction category.

2. What other awards has Bali Airport received in 2023? Apart from customer satisfaction, Bali Airport was honored at the ASEAN Energy Awards 2023 for Best Energy Management in Buildings and Industries.

3. How will the installation of auto-gates impact passenger experience? The installation of 90 new auto-gates aims to expedite immigration processing times, providing a smoother experience for passengers, especially during peak times.

4. Will auto-gates replace staffed immigration counters at Bali Airport? No, the auto-gates are an addition to existing services and will not replace staffed immigration counters.

5. What measures are in place for passengers during the installation of auto-gates? To minimize inconvenience, Bali Airport has coordinated with Ngurah Rai Immigration to regulate passenger flows and ensure smooth operations during the installation process.


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